Thursday, July 6, 2023

Is This Really Necessary?

At our 4th of July celebration yesterday, I was introduced to the notion of a piston powered golf ball.

After a nice long laugh about exploding club heads and volatile golf balls they were able to explain the concept to me.  

Apparently, lining up the club and the ball and the hole is the secret to success.  Most people lose that connection on the down stroke.  They lose power, they tilt the club, they yank it one way or the other, all while trying to connect with an object that doesn't move.

This handy dandy, $1100 gizmo solves all that.  You figure out your line, put the club head in position, and push a button.


For courses that eschew carts, this presents a whole new dimension in assisted golf.  

Or, is it AI taking over the golf world?  Will we need our bodies any more?

The whole thing seems fairly ridiculous to me, except as an adaptive device in rehab.

Isn't the whole point of sports to move?.


  1. Good grief. Proof that lots of money does buy advantages. THis strikes me as so sad.

  2. Seems like cheating to me. And also, it is a deadly weapon. No, no, no!


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