Tuesday, July 25, 2023

And Then There Was This

I'm still going to write about Oppenheimer and the soccer.  But Sister's morning text sent me reeling.

so much for having some place to run to when the anti-semites come for us again. (sic)

It's possible to be Jewish (or Jew-ish) and in favor of Israel's continuing existence while being revolted by the current political situation.  Gaza and the West Bank and the settlements are morally indefensible.  Greater Israel is literally indefensible.  

Israel does not have a written Constitution.  It has a ruling coalition formed from the gazillion parties on every millimeter of the spectrum which make up the Knesset.  To call them far-right is barely extreme enough.  They are led by an indicted autocrat with a big mouth and a bigger ego.  And now their Supreme Court has been disemboweled.

The people have taken to the streets.  The pilots are refusing to show up for Reserve Duty.

The notion that there is a haven from anti-Semitism, a place that has to take me in if the rest of the world comes a-calling, has always been a comfort for me. 

Up until now.


  1. Thank you for your perspective on Israel. I am not Jew-ish or Christian, or anything else and I am also revolted by the political order in Israel and the blind allegiance American Jews. and all of us, are supposed to have for that nation gone astray.

    1. And we feel allegiance because we know, bred in our bones, that they could come for us again and we must be prepared.
      What a world.


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