Wednesday, July 26, 2023

A Strange Day

The morning temperature was in the 90's.  It felt cool.  

I drove to Pilates on empty roads.  School starts next week (?!?!); my guess is that families are sneaking in one last vacation trip. The parking lot was empty, too.  All the prime spaces - close to the door and under the trees - were available.

Pilates practice was perfectly tailored to my needs.  By hip joints were swimming in synovial fluid by the end.  Motion is lotion, one of my physical therapist's bon mots, is as true as it is lovely to say.  I sashayed down the stairs with a friend, pausing to mail a postcard to Giblet, and got into my delightfully shaded car.

Little Cuter says that Giblet squeals every time he gets mail.  I spent the drive home imagining his joy.  

The cleaning ladies were busily at work as I said Hello I'm taking a nap and headed straight to the bed.  A brief phone call and a quick Amazon order later, I was asleep.  Not nap asleep.  Completely, cannot keep my eyes open, body and mind fatigued to the limit asleep.  

Two and a half hours later, I was up and ready to go.  My house was sparkling clean.  I went to the library and now I have 10 books waiting for me.
Some are LARGE PRINT which makes reading in our really-too-dark living room a lot easier.  

Lisa, the manager in the grocery store this afternoon, caught my eye in the way-too-long checkout line. Before I knew it there was a new lane, right next to the one where I was waiting.  I stopped to thank her as I left and got a big smile in return.  

My car was, once again, under a shade tree.  I found an old Mark Kelly for Senate sticker to hold down one edge of my sunshade's Make Trump Lose Again sticker; I admired it as I took off for home.  I got all the groceries and library books inside in one trip, accompanied by the truly awful music TBG's truly wonderful spin instructor plays for his Zoom class.  

I worked on the garden grant, deciding on rakes and secateurs and trowels for the scholars.  My tax dollars at work, I went to the interwebs to update GRIN's website..... and it was gone.

Vanished.  Scuttled.  Disappeared. No where to be found.  Just the dreaded error message, which felt particularly ominous to me.

File not found (404 error)

If you think what you're looking for should be here, please contact the site owner.

I am the site owner.  I've been asking myself all afternoon where it could be.  I paid GoDaddy for something this year.  I know I did and I know I have the records. I also know that I'm comfortable sitting with the transiency of life, knowing that everything has a beginning and an end, feeling at peace with the end of one incarnation and the start of something new.

As I said, it's been a strange day.  I am the last person to take a failure of technology in stride.  My angst starts in my gut and moves through my lungs and heart until it lodges itself firmly in my brain.  It is disproportionately overwhelming.  

And I'm not feeling any of it at all.  I'm just enjoying this day.

Strange.  Strange, indeed. I'm not used to this peace.


  1. Enjoy that blissful feeling of peace!

    1. It's odd but I'll take it. It is still here this morning. Have I matured into another being???

  2. That was a busy and productive day.
    If you discover the means of achieving that peace, let us know.


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