Thursday, July 13, 2023

Happy Birthday, Giblet

You were a pudgy little baby who's turned into a kid with no hips to hold up the elastic wait pajama pants that are your favorite things to wear.

You ask more questions in less time than any human on the planet, which both exhausts and delights your parents.  You often want to call Gramma and Grampa to share a piece of news.  When the news is shared you smile and say That's All and walk away.  The information was imparted, what else was there to do.

You didn't like the feeling of wet bathing suits; there are many adorable-but-not-shareable pictures of you after the birthday party guests had left, naked as a jay bird, and happy as a clam. Having a July birthday means you get to play on the slip-n-slide and the blow up waterfall castle and the big-kiddie pool and the swing and the motorized Jeep and Mustang.... all the things your Mom and Dad have provided, since Pandemica, for fun.

It's a nice life, kiddo, surrounded by stuffies and soft blankets galore.  You've got all the fresh fruit you desire - strawberries and mangoes and apples and strawberries and did I mention strawberries and don't forget the red grapes.  

You are loved.  A lot.  Happy turning 5 years old today.


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