Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Another Anniversary

It was a beautiful day.  She was surrounded by family, on a blanket next to the parade's viewing stand, perfectly situated so that they wouldn't miss a thing.

Then the bullets started flying.

She is a friend from our Chicago days.  She is having her moment in the spotlight, as the one year anniversary of the devastating injury that's up-ended her life throws yet another spotlight on yet another human tragedy.

Someone on NPR made a point this morning, one I've been mulling over all afternoon.  It brought me back to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, where he hopes that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth.

If we are a government of the people and for the people then why are 8 mass shootings in two days still a thing that happens?  Seems that the people, 70 or 80 percent or more, want sensible gun legislation - that's the of the people and for the people part.   But that whole by the people thing needs some work, don't you agree?  

The people who are writing the laws and making the rulings don't seem to have incorporated the for the people part into their decisions.  

So we go back to where it all starts - in the voting booth.  I'm stocking up on pre-stamped postcards before the rates go up on Sunday; I'll be sending Get Out The Vote reminders as the requests from organizers come in.  I'll be sure to share the links when they arrive.  

After all, we have to do something.  This situation is just untenable.

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