Thursday, December 8, 2022

What Does Georgia Mean?

The result was pleasing, there's no doubt about it.  The margin of victory will be right around 3% when all the ballots are counted and certified (don't you love how cognizant of the minutiae of voting we've become?).  That's not very much, but it's more than enough to avoid a recount.

On the other hand by Wednesday afternoon it was reported that 1,719,483 Georgians had cast their ballot for a man who lived in Texas until he declared his candidacy for the Georgia Senate.  How can they imagine that he knows what their concerns are, let alone represent them in Congress?  

How did they reconcile the stories of the women who described his abuses with their decision that he was of sufficient moral character to be their Senator?  Like DeShaun Watson, his exploits on the field seem to provide blanket coverage for all other actions.

And I'm not even close to the part about his inability to find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight. If he articulated a set of principles, I was unable to find it.  His campaign website is full of platitudes but short on specifics.... except his promise to cut government red tape.

It's nice to know that 1,816,096 Georgians saw through the nonsense.  Reverend Warnock picked up votes in red counties since the General Election in November.  Some people were paying attention.

But there are about 7million voters in Georgia; it's complicated and not that interesting and the link explains it all.  Half of those eligible to vote chose not to do so.  I do not understand that at all, unless they were Republicans who could never vote for a Democrat - strictly on policy issues, of course - but could not bring themselves to vote for Mr. Walker.  

But were there really 3.5million of those voters?  I doubt it.  

This election was consequential on so many levels.  I'm flummoxed by those who would choose to not participate.


  1. It truly is mind-boggling, isn't it? Walker will go down in history as the most unqualified person to ever run for Congress, and yet, 1.7M Georgians voted for him as opposed to a decent, intelligent man that had been representing them for two years and actually doing things for his constituents. Warnock should have beaten him by 40 points. The Republicans who supported him were and are hypocrites of the worst kind, they all knew d**n well he was damaged and unqualified and yet they cynically used him to attempt to get one more Republican vote in the Senate. And as for the 3.5M that chose not to vote, I don't get it........

  2. I was pleased with the outcome, but I too am baffled by the closeness of the vote and the number of people who actually voted for Walker.

  3. I never would have quessed it would be that close but I gave up trying to understand other people's political philosphies when a colleague told me she voted for Bernie Sanders and Ross Perot in the same electin years ago. Now I assume most people just vote by the seat of their pants for no good reasona at all.


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