Monday, December 12, 2022

Another Plan Gone Slightly Awry

Maga, grandmother only to boys, was delighted with FlapJilly's arrival for many reasons.  Among them was taking a little girl to see The Nutcracker ballet.  FlapJilly was thrilled to have a chance, after COVID delayed it for two years, to dress up, to do fashion, until a fever and tummy troubles woke her up the night before.  Maga had to agree; the kid looked awful.

Giblet was happy to tap in.  He dressed himself in his handsome pants (khaki's) and his handsome sweater.  Without prompting, he brushed his teeth and did his hair (just like Daddy would).

And, of course, there were questions.  

What will it be like?  (Flummoxed parents scramble to describe seeing a live performance to a COVID sheltered 4 year old.)   

It's like a movie in a big theatre only with live people on a real stage.

And the ballet has dancing, a lot of dancing, and the dancers' bodies are so strong, and so fit, and they jump so high, it's really amazing.

As amazing as Captain America? (N.B. His father is frequently seen in a Captain America t-shirt.)

Yes, as amazing as Captain America.

I think that there will be rides there.

(cue giggles from parental units) 

No, honey, there are no rides at the ballet.


There are no rides at the ballet..... like Rick and the waters at Casablanca, he was misinformed..... I'm going to have to put that phrase in my lexicon, right up there with you can't always get what you want.

And, of course, it didn't matter because it was special time with Maga, and that beats rides anyday.


  1. I took my grandson to see The Nutcracker and it was indeed special. I have to feel bad for FlapJilly though. I hope she gets her chance next time.

  2. I would love to know what Giblet thought of the performance.


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