Monday, December 5, 2022

And Suddenly...

.... it is 8:51 and the football game is almost over and I've still not written tomorrow's post. 

I'm always finished before the football game is over.  

In my defense,  I've been busy turning this
into dozens of packages of brownies; a giant box of gifts for my grandchildren (the cost of shipping made me reconsider, for a moment, how far from them we ought to be); and into this
which is just part of the memory filled decorating I'm doing, day by day, filling the house with lots of little pillows
which amuse and annoy TBG in equal measure,  each of which tells me a story. 

And I haven't even thought about the 8 days of Hanukkah yet. 


  1. I have never sent packages to the grandkids directly from here. I order all sorts of things, all year long, and have them shipped directly to the kids at their own address. They love getting surprise packages. My latest ones were a LEGO Advent calendar for Judah and an assortment of Washi tapes and pens to Leeya. When I see something that appeals, I just order and have it shipped.

    1. Oh, I do that too! But I seem to channel my late mother-in-law's over the top approach to Xmas. I'm incorrigible, though every year I promise to do better. The LEGO Advent calendar must've been a big hit!


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