Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The Review

Giblet liked the ballet.  

He was told that he could applaud when so moved.  Being a child surrounded by affirmations at home and at school, he was right on it.  Every time someone leapt, he clapped his hands and encouraged them, loudly.  You're doing great!  Keep going!  Good job!

The notion of intermission flummoxed him.  Leaving and then going back was not on his agenda.  When you leave your seat, it's over.... right?  There was no convincing him to return, and so they did not.

Maga's suggestion of a fancy dinner held no allure, either.  McDonald's, please.

After that, they went back to Maga and Papa's house where the kid played happily in Papa's big truck (pushing buttons and turning levers and turning dials and light toggles is his idea of heaven) until it was time to go home.

Grandma to Grandma, I feel for Maga.

Grandma to Giblet, I'm glad there were rides after the ballet.  


  1. I am chuckling warmly over this "review". I evokes both delight and disappointment from this gramma.


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