Friday, December 2, 2022


I know all about the avian virus that was destined to wreak havoc on Thanksgiving this year.  But the grocery store revealed something else.

There were plenty of frozen turkeys in the freezer section.  There were pre-packaged breasts and thighs and tenders further down the aisle.  But there were no eggs.

There were also no eggs at Albertsons.

There were no eggs at Costco today.  There haven't been eggs at Costco for a few weeks.  

I tried to go somewhere with the whole which came first thing, but I got nowhere.  Feel free to improvise on your own.


  1. I'm thinking it's the white chickens who have been destroyed due to avian flu. There are no white eggs, but I can get brown, which suits me just fine. The price? Well, that's another matter, but we eat few eggs so I feel it's a worthwhile splurge.

  2. It may be more of a question of which LEFT first, the turkeys of the eggs.
    We seem to still have eggs here.

    1. A regional egg shortage? Where is the reporting on this?!?


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