Friday, December 9, 2022

A Plan Gone Slightly Awry

I left the box of sidewalk chalk out in plain sight on Tuesday.

Obviously, that was a tactical error.
My plan to examine the seedlings and try to figure out what they'd flower into was quickly laid to waste.
They have a great time covering the top of the wall with chalk. Some break out and coat the small gate.

All of them have fun walking their hands through the chalk dust   

and giving each other high fives and applauding one another and playing tag.


I sent those who were running out to the playground , and got down to the real work with the six big kids who were left.  We unpacked the six pack of lettuces, unwound the roots from the root ball, dug holes just as deep and twice as wide

and then patted the plants into those holes, filling from bottom to top to avoid air pockets.
There were 6 lettuces and 6 scholar gardeners.  I love it when a plan comes together.
The lettuce are planted just beyond the beet seeds some of the 3rd graders and I set in earlier in the morning.  This year's garden is going to be organized.... or so it seems at the moment.


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