Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Late Again

Big Cuter and Queen T and LiLou, our grandpig,  are visiting for a month.  

My house is full. My heart is full.  My plate is full, too. 

I've wrapped what needs to be wrapped.  I've mailed most of what must be mailed.  I've baked most of what must be baked.  And yet,  little pieces I've forgotten keep creeping up. 

It's annoying.  It's frustrating.  And,  ultimately,  it's funny.  More people to love. More joy to dispense.  

And a tree that's here,  but unclothed. 
It's bought and paid for.  It was driven home on top of The Uv,  with Queen T keeping it there by holding the tree stand through the sun roof. It was a long 4 mile drive home; I wish the church youth group 1 mile away had opened their shop again this year. 

We still have a lot to do.  I've given Queen T my desk so she can work from home.  I need to set myself up so that I can do the same.  Being on time is important to me.... and so are you. 


  1. How wonderful to have your kids and grandpig there. Enjoy your time with them.

    1. I'm reveling and trying not to fret over silliness.

  2. Pesky time. Gets in the way.

  3. A real tree! So many of us who live in Evergreen Land have artificial trees.


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