Thursday, January 6, 2022

She Really Likes It

We have a grand-pig, a sweet Juliana (not a Pot Bellied or Chester White or Spotted), 135 pounds of hypoallergenic intelligence and obstinance - just like your basic three year old human.  Her name is LiLou, and she's a certified therapy pig, who can dunk a mini-nerf basketball and play a toy piano.  She has 25,500+ followers on Instagram.  

This morning, I made banana bread.  I took it out of the oven and turned around to find Lilou in the kitchen, trying to get underfoot.  She really likes your banana bread, Mom came from my son on the couch.  

I cut myself a slice and turned around to find my grand-pig sitting on the floor, looking plaintively at my breakfast.  Sitting is not easy for her little legs and big belly; I'd never seen her do it without being commanded - until this morning.  I told you, Mom.  She REALLY likes your banana bread.

I asked her to shake and received her hoof with all the deference it deserved, and gave her a small piece.

I put a cloth over the warm pan and saw my companion doing circles in the kitchen .  Turn around is one of the commands she must follow before she is allowed to eat her meals.  Through giggles - a pig was talking to me, asking me for my home made baked goods and that is not a sentence I ever thought that I would type - I asked her to go the other way, to sit, and to be gentle when she took her treat.

It was a very unusual morning, denizens.  Very unusual indeed.


  1. Oh my! I had no idea pigs could be trained like that. I think we need a photo! I guess I could follow your link to find her.

    1. Photos will appear here next week. Her Insta account is the place to go.


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