Friday, January 21, 2022

A Momentary Scare

TBG and I are supposed to be enjoying our first day home after visiting the grandkids and their parents.  Instead, we cancelled that trip when the COVID surge made travelling through crowded airports and changing planes more challenging.

Today, American Airlines sent me a text message announcing that it was time for me to check in for my flight, and for TBG to do the same.

So much for calm.  I clicked through the link but needed a flight number or a credit card number and I had neither at hand.  I moved to Lenore the Laptop and searched my email and there it was - the reservation, the confirmation once they had the money,  the cancellation request confirmation, and the cancellation confirmation, replete with instructions on how to use it.

Clearly, American Airlines thought we were in a good place on this issue.  I agreed.... until that pesky text.

I have gotten over my initial fear of mental decline; I forgot neither to cancel the trip nor the fact that I had done so.  That is reassuring.  

I checked my American Airlines wallet (who knew I had such a thing?) and found the correct amount of money I can use when it's safe to reschedule.  

I was enjoying a quiet moment beside TBG, doing a crossword puzzle, when American Airlines decided that I was in South Bend, and needed to let them know that I was planning to fly home with them.... tomorrow.... on a trip of which I have no record.  I suppose I could contact the airline and see what's what, but that would include referencing a text message that no longer exists..... and how did that happen, I wonder..... with a flight number or confirmation number which I also don't have...... and I really don't care that much at all.

That's the big excitement in these parts.  With nothing on my calendar - better COVID safe than sorry - this is what counts as news.


  1. Better that someone else has their wires crossed than that you do, but it's still upsetting.

    1. I've been anxious about it in a free floating, why do I care, kind of way all day.

  2. Happened to Me as well with United
    Understaffed and overwhelmed !

    1. You have no idea how good this makes me feel! I am not alone!


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