Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy New Year?

Did you have a Happy New Year?  

The ball dropped in Times Square, replayed for those of us in different time zones.  In a narrow shot, the tv showed a crowd of people.  Once the camera panned out, though, it was easy to see that people were three deep, not 300 deep, and that they were surrounding the sound stage..... not reaching the stores on the sidewalk.

It made me melancholy, mourning what COVID has taken from us.  

I saw that Licorice Pizza is playing at The Loft, the only theatre I felt safe attending after I was shot.  They require proof of vaccination and the wearing of masks except when eating/drinking.  The audience skews older and well educated; it's probably the safest indoor venue I could find here in Tucson.  

But the local paper warned of an incoming Omicron surge; apparently it has not yet shown its full colors here in Arizona.  Big Cuter insists on going to the grocery store for us because you two are old and I'm not.  Coming from San Francisco, where everyone masks and maintains appropriate distancing, he and Queen T are appalled at the lack of respect shown by Tucsonans when faced with common sense responses to COVID.  

So, I won't be going to the movies any time soon.

But otherwise, things are looking much better than they did last year, when a vaccine was imminent but not readily available, when tests were non-existent, when isolation seemed like it would never end.  We had a six week window of freedom which allowed TBG and me to travel to the grandkids - twice!  I remember entering stores, unmasked and carefree.  It lasted a little while, but I am certain that it will return.  

It's been difficult to muster my usual optimism for a new year, but there's been a lot to encourage smiles.  

Dr K and Not-Kathy are back in town.  

Big Cuter cooks dinner every night and Queen T cleans my cooktop til it shines. 

I wore a tank top and sat outside this afternoon in the sunshine.  

TBG enjoyed his birthday celebration, even if we didn't get to the ice cream before bedtime.  

I have helpers to clean up the decorations and carry and lift the heavy stuff.  

The grandkids spent the last day of Winter Vacation playing in snow.  

Everyone I love is relatively happy and healthy and satisfied - that's the best indicator of a good year to come that I can think of.  I hope yours is wonderful, too.


  1. I agree, that is the best indicator. We're doing OK too.

    1. It's nice to recognize the good times while they are happening, isn't it?


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