Friday, January 28, 2022

I'm Rejuvenated

I can't have you go into the weekend thinking that I am feeling low.  I'm really not as sad or upset as yesterday's post might lead you to believe.  Talking to you through my fingers helps me work through most of the angst that comes my way these days.  Boring does have its upside; there's not that much to kvetch about when you don't do hardly anything at all.

I had lunch with Amster today.  We kvelled about our kids, her newly paved driveway,  her travel plans.  And then she, the least dramatic human I've ever met, shared an ongoing saga amongst the girls.  She has somehow managed to get herself entwined in something that is reminiscent of middle school, when no one had anything more important to do than quibble about nonsense and then squawk about the quibbling and then involve others in the kerfuffle.  These, though, are middle aged women arguing over birthday parties - it's not fair is a common refrain.

They all work and earn good money and have the usual raft of family and individual quirks and foibles and traumas.  Where they find the time to obsess and then text their obsessions and then obsess about the responses - or, even worse, the lack of responses - is a mystery to Amster and to me.  Why they would choose to spend time in a bitchy mental space is another mystery.  

Neither of us has ever had the energy to invest in those who would drag us down.  We are kind and we are helpful and we are cheerful caregivers, but we choose not to dwell on the problems that are created by..... by what? we wondered as we ate our usual lunch at our usual restaurant.  What would make someone worry about that which is a gift from others?  Why would anyone, let alone more than one, complain that sharing a party just isn't fair?

We didn't try to solve the problem.  We ate and shook our heads and agreed that we were far superior beings who would never trifle with such nonsense.  Such a statement would be braggadocious, we agreed, if it were not so very true.   

Sitting with someone you (1) admire, (2) respect, (3) agree with on just about everything, (4) don't devalue because of the things you disagree about, and (5) who buys you lunch because of some imagined debt that can never be repaid (loving her sons and being there when they needed me) - that's rejuvenating.

I've been smiling all afternoon.  


  1. Oh good! I'll work on smiling too, because I have found the making your face smile really does lift your spirits. My surgery had been delayed because of the COVID surge. :-(

    1. Oh, damn. I hate when others selfish behavior puts unnecessary challenges/ delays in our way. Smiling helps, tho!

    2. This is what is making me furious, that people who need care can't get it due to those who have made bad decisions are now requiring care. I know it's heartless, but I'm thinking if you don't like the science behind the vaccines, then you can't have the science of ICU medical care.

  2. Loving anyone and being there when they need is your very, very special skill that sometimes I don't think you know that you do for people! Love you for that. I know my visit gave me enough juice to carry on until the next visit. :) Have a great weekend!


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