Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Guilty Pleasures - A Snippet

TBG is a big fan of The Bachelor series.  It started from the beginning, when he and Little Cuter would watch together, sharing notions of what makes a good mate.  It was an excellent way to broach an otherwise, perhaps, uncomfortable topic.

That excuse reason disappeared when she went off to college.  His obsession has continued through Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, and shows no signs of abating.  He often asks us to keep his little secret, but, as the kids remind him, that ship has already sailed.

Big Cuter follows the show on his phone through some app or other that gives him the highlights.  He says he does it so that he can talk to his father and tease him.  

But, as my husband pointed out after his son gave him the full rundown on the show TBD had time shifted and was just about to watch, his 'watching from afar' is getter closer every week.

Perhaps it's a genetic flaw?

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