Monday, January 24, 2022

A Loving Wife

TBG misses his son every day.  TBG especially misses his son when there are playoff games - in just about any sport - on television..  They are enthusiastic fans.

I am usually unenthusiastic when it cones to football, America's blood sport.  

I am, however a big fan of my husband, who got used to having a compatriot sharing the couch as he gave instructions to the players who, when they listened and did what he told them to do, invariably met with success.   It's much more fun when somebody's watching the same game and can appreciate the brilliance of his remarks.

So, denizens, I have nothing to report outside the realm of the NFL playoffs.  I'm not sure anyone wants to listen to me indulge in the schadenfreude we felt when Aaron Rogers took his lying, unvaccinated ass home.  I cheered against Tom Brady and was rewarded.  I watched team after team try desperately not to win - and often those teams were playing one another.

I paid attention without playing Candy Crush Soda Saga or reading a book.  Crossword puzzles became the perfect go-to during commercials; I've made serious dents in the ones I was gifted in December.   All my teams have won - some in spite of themselves... I'm lookin' at you, Jimmy G - and the fact that I had my teams in an event that would otherwise would have been paid only passing attention speaks to the lengths to which I will go to see a smile on my husband's face.  

There are only three more games in the post-season.  I can hardly wait.


  1. My husband doesn't watch but I did. There were some very dramatic finishes to this weekends games. It kept me somewhat interested while I was healing myself in spite of my not really caring who won.

    1. How lucky we were that the games were worth watching, right? I needed to have a vested interest in order to care enough to sit through it all. I do remember football as a good background distraction as I was healing, too.


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