Wednesday, December 1, 2021

What's My Obligation?

We watched Ginger Rogers struggle with that question last night as Edward G. Robinson and Brian Keith tried to convince her to put her life in jeopardy for the common good.  Tight Spot, TCM's Noir Alley offering this week, asked us to consider how far you'd go to do the right thing.

Ginger had to testify against a mob boss who'd killed everyone else trying to do the same thing.  

Fast Eddie wants me to take over as President of the HOA.

Neither of us have very good options.  My life is not at risk if I say yes to a temporary appointment to the worst job anyone ever held. I can't say the same for my psyche.  There's a certain amount of angst I'm willing to accept in service to the greater good.  I'm just not sure that HOA Presidency rises to that level.

Prior Board Members with fancy - and fanciful - ideas, who've spent lots of money without asking for authorization, who've antagonized residents, who resigned en masse when they didn't get their way, want back in.  It is in my interest to keep control away from them and their ilk. 

However, the HOA Presidency requires a level of diplomacy which I lack.  

There are rules.  Follow them.  That's as far as I'm willing to go to be flexible.  

Obviously, this attitude is designed to cause problems, because I know I am right and they are wrong.  We voted on the damn rules during Pandemica - not that long ago, and not much has changed since then - and in approving them we all agreed to abide by what they say.  To me, that's the end of the discussion.

However, Fast Eddie has shown me that a softer touch has better results than My Way or The Highway.  He's resolved countless issues by listening and considering and discussing...... ad nauseum, to my mind.  It's obvious to me that his way is superior.  I just don't work that way.  

I suppose I could make a stab at being congenial to those who transgress, especially since they are my neighbors, but that brings me right back to where I started:  What's my obligation?  

This is not a job I wanted.  It's not a job for which I am well suited.  It is a job that needs to be filled and there really isn't anyone else currently serving who can step up in my place.  

This is at the top of my worry list, so I'm basically a happy camper right now.  I'd like to stay that way.  I will accept the title until the next Annual Meeting in February, at which time the Board roster will increase and change and some other worthy soul can accept the challenge.

I guess I've decided - my obligation to my small community lasts about 3 months.


  1. That sounds like something you can handle since you seem to have an out in the near future.
    I agree, the rules are the rules. Only listen to hardship cases, whatever those could be.

    1. Everyone's a hardship case, Linda :-)
      Turns out I was saved by a new to the Board, new-ish neighbor who thought she'd enjoy the challenge. YAY!! Someone else to step up.


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