Friday, December 3, 2021

My Daughter, The Guru

She was peeved that I thought I had COVID and didn't call her.  I love that she cares.  She's kept her young family safe throughout Pandemica.  Her workplace is vaccinated and offers free, walk-in testing in addition to the required random testing.  She's on top of the reading and the research - she's my Guru.

Following up on our conversation this morning - the one where I tried to reassure her that I wanted to know something before I worried her and that I was not keeping information from her but was taking action instead of fretting (which, for me, is Progress with a capital P) - I tried to order rapid tests.  

It was over-whelming.

So I sent her a text.  She sent me a link.  I placed an order; 10 tests will be delivered on Tuesday.  I can't pick them up at the CVS down by the University; they can only be shipped.  I am now prepared,  and my daughter's anxiety is somewhat slaked.  I think we're all doomed to be a little more anxious than we used to be; I was glad to help.

Mostly though, I was happy.  I made my daughter smile...... almost as wide a smile as she gave me.


  1. It's always a good day when we can make our daughters smile.

  2. A twitter friend told me she had picked up tests at Walgreens but you have to ask for them at the counter as they are not on display. I think I will do that. I have never had a COVID test, never felt remotely needed, but who knows with the way the variants keep coming at us. I may just feel the need somewhere down the road.


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