Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Day That Got Away

This is posting late because I forgot to write it last night.

I also forgot to do several other things that usually come up on a Tuesday.

I don't know why.  

Formerly Fast Eddie (his new preferred moniker) and JannyLou had the movers all day, and we had their two little terriers.  The rascals escaped as I opened the door to get a package.  We must have been a sight galumphing down the street, calling Bella! Frisky! and trying not to collapse.  They are feisty little beasts, staring at you until you get just close enough to grab the collar and they're off!

Stopping to pee was Frisky's mistake; picking him up was simple.  Then, carrying him under one arm, looking for TBG in his car, I followed Bella's tracks, softly cooing and silently cursing.

It's amazing how fast I can move when I have to.  This is reassuring - in case of fire I know my adrenaline will kick in and I will be able to move fast enough to avoid the flames.

TBG found us behind the other neighbor's house, Frisky held tight to my side, my fingers twisted in Bella's collar as she squirmed and complained and tried to continue her adventures.  Too bad, my little furry friend - we got ya!

Everyone returned home to take a good long nap.... during which I was supposed to be blogging.  

Then there was dinner and returning the pets and Steph Curry setting a record and laundry and sleep and I woke up to find no blog post resting at this site.  

Sorry, denizens who missed me with coffee this morning.  I'll try to do better in the future.


  1. It's well past morning coffee before I get to you usually, so no apology needed here. I did enjoy reading about your adventures galumphing around the neighborhood. Good to know you can move when you need to. Not so sure about myself. :-)

    1. We were quite surprised at our prowess, to be honest.


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