Thursday, December 30, 2021


I know.  I know.  The plan was to open an account at a credit union (or, to be more precise, to become a member of a credit union).  But life got in the way - the holidays, visitors, Omicron - and here I sit, with bills to pay and still tied to PNC.

So I opened Bill Pay and used CTR+F to find the payees and I filled in the amounts and the dates and clicked on SUBMIT.

We're sorry.  We are unable to process your payment at this time.  If this problem persists, please call us at.......

That message appeared in red, italicized, bold face, in teeny tiny type, over and over again.  Silly me, thinking I could actually use this account to pay my bills.  But, ever hopeful, and with holiday spirit in my heart, I dialed the phone.

They were grateful for my call, and for my business, and there were lots of options all of which boiled down to a waiting time of approximately 20 minutes.  I hung up.

I moved on to the next item on the To Do List - calling Barclays to be sure that balance on the lost American Airlines credit card had been folded into the bill for the new card.  That entire process took less than 2 minutes.

If I needed reminding that PNC is just not the place for me,  I found it just now.  If TBG weren't taking a nap we'd go over to Vantage West and sign up.

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