Monday, December 20, 2021


This was Elf Central 5 days ago.
Auntie M and I shared similar photos, along with similar musings about the impossibility of scaling back.
Her mother set a dangerous trend - there was always more than enough, decorations on top of decorations next to the largest array of gifts I'd ever seen in my life.  It was she who taught me to wrap each pair of socks separately; it's been a tradition for 40 some years.

But today, I am finished.  As in finished wrapping, finished mailing, finished shopping.  I'm sure I'll remember something (in fact, of course, I just did) but it's only the finishing touches that are missing.  

I cleaned up and organized and half-heartedly decorated, and this is what it looks like for the rest of the wrapping people over the coming week.  My heart is full, even if my dining room is a wreck.



  1. We have one more quick trip to the grocery store to make, and a visit with a house bound friend tomorrow. I put the gift wrapping station away today and we cleaned house. Bring on Christmas!

    1. TBG still has to wrap, and groceries are Thursday morning, but I'm almost where you are.


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