Wednesday, December 29, 2021


It's been a while since I wrote about sports.  I promise that I won't be insulted if you stop reading now.  But this a post about ridiculous college football bowl games; stick around and you might find it amusing.

There are many man hours spent watching sports in my home right now.  For the most part, Queen T and I amuse ourselves otherwise.  But father and son share both the couch and the passion - it's our bonding time - and I am free to consider things other than grown men running into one another for fun and profit.

But the kids are playing in Bowl Games - like The Orange Bowl and The Rose Bowl - right now, and I mean a lot of kids.  Winning six games put you into a Bowl Game, a sponsored, nationally televised event.  There are 41 Bowl Games this season.

The sponsors are mentioned every time there's a commercial break (at both ends) and during station identification, and on the chyrons.  There's the Frisco Bowl and the Florida Bowl and the Arizona, Myrtle Beach and a dozen other places Bowl. That makes sense - the games are played there and the area gets to advertise its wonderfulness.  

But there are commercial sponsors, and that's where the fun is.   Just imagine telling your friends that your kid is playing in  The Guaranteed Rate Bowl.... or The Cheez-It Bowl..... The LendingTree Bowl.... Duke's Mayo Bowl.... The LendingTree Bowl....The Quick Lane Bowl..... or, my personal favorite:  The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

That's enough sports for one year.

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  1. One of our collegiate teams, Washington State U, had already arrived in El Paso when they got word that their opponent, Miami was pulling out due to COVID. They scrambled to get a new opponent, Central Michigan. I hope the kids have fun, but is it worth it really?
    Apparently the Sun Bowl owners were desperate after cancelling last year. It really is all about money, isn't it.


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