Friday, December 17, 2021

Texting With Someone New

I communicate with some people by phone - very few, but some.

I communicate with lots of people via email - great for long, catching up conversations, not so good for making plans.

I communicate using my phone to text for most things - wanna have lunch?  where is that store you told me about? thanks for a lovely (insert event here)!

The messages are short and to the point.  There is no extra verbiage.  There are emojis to carry bigger feelings in a smaller number of pixels.  I love it.

And then, this afternoon, texting with Formerly Fast Eddie for the first time in real time (vs finding a message asking me to call him) I hit a snag. 

(My words and thoughts are in italics)

When will you arrive?

JannyLou is driving.  

OK.  When will you arrive?

She's pulling into the fast lane now.  Zooming up to 73.

More relevant data would be where you are right now!  Though the timely updates are fascinating. 

Frisky (the dog) is riveted on the road, protecting us  

Hint.... Just passed a Big Green (emoji for what I think is a sign... I begin to grin and grimace at the same time, and wait a while.  There are lots of big green signs on the highway.)

Traffic at a crawl going noth.

But you are going south!

OMG (blue faced weird emoji.... I panic)

Are you okay??????????

We are fine, right near some Indian ruins.


At which point I stopped typing and began laughing out loud.   

They'll get here when they get here.  TBG and I are both awake after our naps.  The house is ready for them..... whenever they arrive.

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