Thursday, December 16, 2021

They're Gone - But Coming Back

The house next door is empty - well, empty of inhabitants, at least.  There's no feeling coming from that direction, no noticing that one of the best neighbors ever is driving out or coming back.  we might have gone a week at a time without talking, but we saw a lot of each other anyway.

There's a curious imbalance on the street.  

There will be no garbage cans outside their driveway tomorrow morning.  No newspaper will be delivered; the free paper dropped off every Thursday will si there until I stroll over to retrieve it.  No sense advertising an empty building, after all.

There was a beautiful sunset accompanying them to their new home in Tempe, on the corner of Arizona State University.  It rained last night to accompany my occasional tears.

But the good news is that there is still stuff in the house that has to be gone by closing on Monday so they are coming back to be our house guests.  It will be good to get a big dose of them before they move further out of our daily lives.  

I often imagine prior visitors standing in the kitchen, or staring out in to the wash behind the pony wall out back, or sitting in a cozy chair watching tv with TBG.  The memories make me smile.  I'm glad that I get to add a few new ones to the mix .... if only it weren't so hard to say goodbye..... this makes it easier, and for that, I am glad that they chose us over a hotel.

Plus, the doggies are coming, too.  TBG is thrilled.


  1. Good neighbors are a treasure, I am sorry for your loss. We have been there.

  2. Change is hard, parting is even harder.


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