Thursday, July 8, 2021

Summer Fun in the Neighborhood - Times Two

Bret-t.. our favorite waiter at our favorite pizzeria, regaled us with stories and videos of his trip to introduce his 7 year old daughter to his fiancee's extended family in Iowa.  Lady Jane and I were treated to videos of fireworks by the lake, of little girls' faces filled with wonder and awe.  We heard stories about jumping off the dock into that lake, of heat and humidity so thick that clothing was drenched within minutes of stepping out doors.  

Mostly, though, there were stories of familial connections that were new but which felt old.

She doesn't feel like my cousin, Dad.  She feels like my sister


SIR created his annual fireworks extravaganza again this year.  Little Cuter sent text invites to their neighbors with kids, and by nightfall there were children running through yards and hiding and chasing and laughing out loud while gasping and ooohing and aahhhing (from a very safe distance) at the sparkles and booms.  

Little Cuter took a break from her role as Entertainer of the Year and chatted with grownups as the children romped.

Giblet wanted to be like the big kids - he asked mom if he could take off his shirt like they did.  

FlapJilly was exhausted - Those boys wore me out!


Memories like that last a lifetime.  I know, because my 4th of July memories are vivid even 6 decades later.  

Thank you, Science, for bringing joy and laughter to everyone this summer.  Vaccinations made all these stories possible.

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