Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Travelling Again

We always go to Indiana for the kids' birthdays in July.  Last year we couldn't go because of The Yukky-ness, as FlapJilly was calling the virus back then.  She was just 5 years old, coming off a shortened kindergarten year, staring at a summer without camp or friends or leaving the house.  SIR and Little Cuter made a backyard extravaganza for her and her little brother, Gramma and Grampa joined in via the interwebs, and she was delighted. But....... 

Next year you'll come for sure, right?

We couldn't wait until July.  As soon as everyone who could be vaccinated was vaccinated and the school year had ended, we flew to hug them in May.  

And now, a month later, we're going back.

Weren't you just there? queried our son.

Again! You lucky girl! said the Pilates Diva when I cancelled this week's session.

It happened so fast.... I didn't get the sheets back on the bed yet was Little Cuter's lament.

Yes, it's soon.  A year ago, this was impossible.  I'm never passing up another opportunity again.



  1. And I don't blame you one bit!

  2. God for you!
    We have birthdays to celebrate this July too. I'm inviting friends over for a garden party lunch as part of my celebration. We couldn't do that last year.

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