Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Little Hugs

They were waiting for us at the airport.  TBG was walking faster than I - he got the first hugs.

They were jumping up and down as he walked through the security gate.  They raced down the corridor screaming Grampa! Grampa! Grampa!  I stopped walking and watched.  He knelt down and they were in his arms and he was in theirs and Little Cuter and I were teary as we watched.

I got in on the fun, too, creaky and achy but with a heart full of love.

I squeezed myself into the space between the two car seats and hugged arms and legs.  

We got home and hugged on the couch.

They had dinner at the table, and I held onto whatever body part was available.

After baths we hugged on the floor while we told jokes

 We woke up smiling, racing upstairs to start hugging again. 


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