Thursday, July 1, 2021

Another Faux Monsoon

The wind is blowing fiercely.  The trees are banging against the walls and the bougainvilla blossoms are filling the courtyard from the ground to the top of the crepe myrtle, about 15' up there.  Unfortunately, they settle under the lantana and the rosemary, looking forlorn.  Over time, they'll dessicate and turn brown and then I'll have a brown carpet under my bushes.  

If I had two good legs I'd be out there pulling it away and dragging it away.  Now, all it does is aggravate me.

We skimmed the pool after the pol gy was finished skimming the pool and it was spotless..... until the winds started up.  Now it is as messy as the courtyard.

The clouds are massing over the Catalinas.  Despite the wind, they are not moving much.  They are often stuck on the higher peaks, bringing them rain while we have humidity and wind and nothing else.

Every afternoon I wonder if I should shut off the 2nd round of irrigation.  Will it rain?  Will it rain enough to turn off the supplemental water for a day or two?  Shall I err on the side of caution, or wait until the drops start falling?  

So many questions.  So few answers.   


  1. No rain to speak of out here in The Foothills, lot of wind and the Bougainvillea blossoms are everywhere. My irrigation is still on three days a week..

    1. I haven't changed mine, either. We got 10 minutes of dripping. Nothing worth writing home to mother about :-)


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