Monday, July 12, 2021

Technical Difficulties

Can I blame climate change?  

A transformer overheated and there was a power outage and the cable went down.  The air conditioner worked and so did the lights.  Why were we unable to get a signal on the tv?  And where was my internet?  My phone connected but the computer and the iPad were unresponsive.

Before I left the house, I asked TBG if he needed any information.  His flip phone has only text and phone and photo capabilities...... and I'm not sure he has ever taken a picture .

Everything was fine by the time I got home, and life went on until this evening, when the cable box refused to let us watch the NBA Finals on our local ABC affiliate.

How?  That was what we said.  The what was self-evident - we could tune in the stations above and below but not 211.  Instead of Yannis and DeAndre we saw Peyton Manning, hosting College Bowl*.  

This led to exclamations of dismay, and many attempts, none of them successful.  We watched the end of the game on the tv in the bedroom, which was happy to connect us to that which we want to watch.  

My suspicion is that fault lies within our cable box, which has not been updated for many years, due to TBG's reluctance to lose the stored Best Of clips he's curated (Dean Martin singing in Rio Bravo, the State Dinner in American President, Spencer Tracey's final speech in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, eg).  I really don't care; left to my own devices I would rarely turn it on at all.  

But TBG would like there to be an explanation that does not require him to part with that which makes him smile so, I'm asking:  Can I blame it on climate change?


  1. It is annoying when all our modern conviences don't work as expected.

    Cable service can be out because while it requires electicity to work it's system can be out separately as well. A single station can also have it's system go out. I suspect that nothing is really stored in a cable box itself, but somewhere out in cyperspace so a new box should not be a problem that way. My cable goes out often enough enough, even without loss of electricity, so I know to call the cable company for a reset sometimes.

    1. The last time we reset it he lost his data. I, too, thought it would be stored in the ether. I'm still living that down!


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