Friday, July 2, 2021

Want The Burrow In Your InBox?

(Months ago, Blogger decided not to use the service which forwarded The Burrow to inboxes.  It took me a while (see below) but FollowIt reached out, offered to help, and here I am, writing about it. It's an otherwise gloomy day here, and I'm stuck in neutral.  This Subscriber Alert seemed like a fine way to finish the week.)


There's a nifty little box to the right, bordered in green.  Put your email in the box and send it on.

My inbox is currently overwhelmed with requests for financial support from every one with a (D) after their name.  (That is gender neutral not bad grammar..... hard to type/read/hear, but neater than he or she.)

I apologize for suggesting that I clog yours with my musings.  

There are a dozen or so, of  The Burrow's 1256 regular readers, who subscribe to this service, and if it's still working you don't have to sign up again.

If it appeals to you, fill in that box on the right.

If you click on this link you can set up filters and direct the kind of information you want to receive (Headlines; the whole post) to the place you want to read it.  

Theoretically, according to the folks at, this will increase my readership.  They had verbiage about how and why, which I ignored.  What they did offer was a (fairly) painless way to move my loyal subscribers from the service Blogger dropped to their product. 

It's free and they reached out in a kind and gentle way to guide me through the process.

Marina didn't mind that I couldn't find her email with the instructions; she resent it immediately.  

When I couldn't figure something out, there was a link which explained it all, including a link to the site in question.  

These tech challenges stress me ..... terrifically...... and so I put them off.  Marina never chided my tardiness, waiting until the very last day to act.

It's not often that I write of a tech issue gone right.  I just had to share.


  1. WEll, I am always willing to hear about a technology issue gone right! I find technology to be the biggiest stress in my life right now. Which is to say I don't really have much to complain about I guess!

    1. We always laugh about What's At The Top Of Your Worry List? If tech issues are riding high, you are in good shape!!

  2. I keep getting these warnings that some Blogger service is going away, but obviously I don't use it. I see from your post that the service is to send your post via email to subscribers. I link my posts to Facebook and then just let people find it via their favorites list, just like I find theirs. That's where I find you. I notice that you do not have very many comments, and you do not comment on others, or at least on mine. For me Blogging is a two way communication. I still check you out anyway, though.

    1. I lurk in others blogs, it's true. Am I ashamed? Somewhat. Will I change? Probably not! Since I'm off Facebook now, I'm enjoying having more screen free time. That does NOT bode well for me beginning to comment on other blogs. However, now that you mention it, I'll try to say something every once in a while on yours -

    2. It's just good to know I am seen now and then. And I certainly respect your desire to do it your way. We all get to do that. that's freedom. :-)

    3. Ahhhh... blogging guilt!!!!
      Years ago there was much discussion of this over big round tables during lunch at BlogHer conferences. Sadly, those events are about marketing and promotion now; I miss the camaraderie.
      I admit to lurking. I have lots of readers who don't
      comment, but I know they are there every morning. Have faith!!!



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