Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Beautiful Day

FlapJilly stayed home from camp to play with her grandparents today.  Her mama didn't have to work, either.  TBG and I were surrounded by love.

We were on our way to Einsteins for bagels when the littlest member of our party decided that McDonalds would make her happier - so that's where we went through the drive through.  I know that their orange juice is delicious; TBG brings me one after he spins.  I didn't know that the blueberry muffin would be as good as it was.  I'm not a sausage and egg girl; the muffin kept my tummy happy.

FlapJilly's favorite place in the world is her mother's work place - the University of Notre Dame.  We parked by the lake, hoping to enjoy our breakfasts on its shores.  Unfortunately, the entire space was fenced in.  There was to be no picnic this morning.  

Instead, we headed to the grotto.  It's a spiritual gathering place, with candles to light and a kneeling bench for prayers.  There were lots of prayers..... some arriving on bicycles, some on scooters, some in strollers.  We sat and explained it all to FlapJilly, who nodded solemnly.  The benches around the perimeter were filled with grown ups reading and women chatting and us - three visitors who couldn't get enough of it all.

Strolling through campus, we admired the giant hardy hibiscus in colors I'd never seen before.  There were plaques on every tree, on every bench, on every statue and art installation.  Notre Dame has a lot of grateful alumni, and the campus is living proof of that.  

Little Cuter considered that Landscaping should be her next job - riding in a golf cart, weeding and planting and pruning and creating beauty every day.  

Since I forgot my phone in Tucson and TBG's flip phone has no internet connection, we made a quick stop at Little Cuter's desk to print out our boarding passes and say hi to her work friends before we continued our tour.

Father Hesburgh's library, Touchdown Jesus, Stonehenge, the steps of the Administration Building, the Presbytery - I haven't walked that much since I was perforated.  My hip hurt.  My heart swelled.

The little one cried as we left.  Transitions are hard for her, but this was deeper.  She really loves Notre Dame, with every fibre of her being.  Leaving ripped off a piece of her heart.  We reassured her that she'd return soon, that she could attend as a student, that it would always be there for her.

As Big Cuter said - I wish I could love something as much as FlapJilly does.


  1. It should be called The University of Notre Dame. :)

  2. Oh, dear..... you are so right! I'll fix it right now.

  3. Loving something that much can be wonderful and painful.

    1. She has to run around and scream to release the energy!


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