Thursday, May 7, 2020

Wearing a Mask - My Solution

No, it's not about whether to wear one.  That is a given.  It's how to wear one that's the issue.

First of all, wearing this most attractive one Mei-Mei made for me makes me smile.... which you can't see because my mouth is covered.
But the elastic goes behind my ears.... and so do my h earing aids.... and the two are, unfortunately, incompatible.  This would not be a deal breaker, since I usually leave my hearing aids at home when I venture out into the world so that I don't have to disinfect them when I return to my burrow.  But without them, and with everyone I encounter also wearing a mask, I can barely figure out what anyone is telling me.

Today, Big Cuter was describing the pull-on tube mask he's expecting in the mail.  Like a neck warmer on the ski slopes, he'll pull it up over his nose and mouth because the environment is not conducive to anything else.  It seemed like a sensible solution so I went to Mr. Google to see what there was to see.  And what I saw made me smile. 

Apparently, bandanas are appropriate face gear.  There are websites describing folding a triangle and putting the center of the long side on top of your nose and tying a square knot (with instructions there, too) behind your head.  I knew how to do that, which fact gave me hope.  I'd mastered step one; having tied my Mt. Tam hiking map scarf (the perfect map... all the trails clear enough to hike with, on an extra large, extra soft, extra quick drying square of cloth) over my face the last time I interacted with humans other than TBG.

And then Mr. Google mentioned oblong scarf tying.  

I love my extra long, extra soft, extra spiffy scarves; they are the perfect accessory for Tucson and I have lots of them.  Mr. Google tells me that if I wrap several layers and cover tightly and carefully, I can decorate my face with my favorite add-ons.  

Not that I am planning to go anyplace anytime soon.  My children forbid it and I am as obedient as they were when they were asked to stay home for their own safety.  

Really.  We're in; there's no excuse for us to be intersecting with the world.  

And, now that I've reassured my most treasured readers, let me end where I started:

 There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be bare-face naked.  

That sounds like something I'd have told them.  I'm glad I haven't lost my touch.


  1. My husband had been using painting masks that he had when he went into Ace for some plumbing fixes (outside waterline leak) and the clerk said they'd gotten some of the good ones (N95?) and did he want one of the last packs of 2. Nice of her and he now wears that, leaving it in the sun afterward to disinfect before using it again. He is the only one that goes out for groceries or needed suppliess, but that's usual for us in flu season anyway.

    1. i don't go into many places; Curbside Delivery is my new favorite thing. I may never stop using it!

  2. A blogging friend sent two very nice masks. A former student sent one she had made as she learned to sew during the pandemic. They are all nice masks but I hate masks. I'm wearing them but Terry found them all undoable for him. Like you, he got out his old bandana from when he drove trucks for the Army Guard during a firestorm in Santa Cruz. It worked then, it still works for him.

  3. We do our own grocery shopping, early on Thursday mornings during Senior hours. there was hardly anyone there this morning. We always wear masks, but I am not happy with those who do not.


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