Monday, May 11, 2020

Doing What I Can

I paid attention to the PSA running between Ken Burns' Baseball which TBG is watching on MLB Network rather than PBS.  Extolling the virtues - and there are many - of the front line workers keeping our country humming while the rest of us shelter in place, the ad featured nurses and firefighters and EMT's and trash collectors.

I have thanked the medical professionals I know.  I've sent stay-safe-vibes to the firefighters in my life.  But the trash collectors have been ignored.

I am abashed.  Big Cuter was an early rising toddler; 5am and he was ready and raring to go. He would lead me around our city block, climbing on the security railings guarding the basement windows, making faces back at the gargoyles on the buildings' surrounds, and jumping up and down, waving his arms and screeching when the babage tuck came into view.  

His joy was contagious.  Commuters and dog walkers and the babage tuck men themselves shared the smiles.  It made being out and about before breakfast a lot more palatable.  So, when the PSA reminded me that my trash was, in fact, being picked up, and that I should be grateful for that fact, and that I should express my gratitude for that fact, I brought the roll of unused newsprint (they gave away the unusable ends to anyone who wanted it) I took from the Star's offices before the printing process moved to Phoenix, and wrote a note:
It's not flying the flag, but the message is the same.
I'm proud to live in a place where the plague may rage, but the trash is collected.
Way to go!


  1. When you take it off, can I use it next week?

  2. One thing good about our garbage is they do not have to touch it. The ones in apartments etc. have a different problem where it really becomes risky.


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