Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I Don't Want To Write This.....

....and  I didn't want to un-friend him, but it finally became untenable to have him in my space. 

We disagreed on everything political and social, but he loved his wife and she loved him, and he was very kind to me whenever we met, and whenever we met it was fraught with so many other pieces that I was only looking for the comfort and solace and not staring too hard at what was inside.

And I really want to believe that there is a good person in there, the person I thought I saw when I looked at him, when he hugged me. I dismissed other people's avoidance of him; I didn't see it and they were over-reacting and was that really enough to run the other way.

Well, I'm apologizing to them all, right here and right now.  I guess it just hadn't hit my own particular button. 

That all changed last week.  It's taken me his long to get to the keyboard and type; I was running from the intensity of the feelings.  Fury.  Amazement.  Surprise.  Shock. Disappointment (the biggest of the feelings and the one that keeps coming back to smack me in the I'm-going-to-cry space) (pause for a tissue run).

It's not that we were best friends.  Not at all.  We interacted on social media, we ran into one another at events.  I won't miss him in my everyday life...... except that I will. 

I've tried to keep the lines of communication open to input from The Other Side.  I cannot abide Fox News (except Chris Wallace).  I didn't talk politics with the ladies at mah jongg whose views were on the other side, because I loved the game and didn't want to soil it with their idiocy.  But knowing how They think, what they are hearing, what they are ignoring has seemed worth the Oh, dear, REALLY!?!

Up until last week, that is. 

The fact that I knew nothing about Newsmax is a measure of the fracturing of our society.  Searching the interwebs told me that they get more views than the Huffington Post. It's a right-wing or Conservative or conservative or Republican multi-platform news outlet, and it's what pushed me over the edge.

We were in a mini-controversy about wearing masks.  He posted an article defending his position, but I don't know what it said.  I was distracted by the headline just above his article: Famous Jew Says

The rest was cut off by an ad.  But I'd seen enough.

Now, if you can't or don't want to click through to Facebook for that link, you'll be hard pressed to find any "print" coverage of this on the interwebs.  This is the link to the article Mr. Google gave me; it's a dead end, with nothing to show for itself.  It's lost in the ether.

But the Famous Jew is David Horowitz, about whom I know nothing except that he is the author of Dark Agenda: The War To Destroy Christian America.   His thesis in the Newsmax piece (that lockdown orders prohibiting church attendance are ......) is his opinion and he's entitled to it and I can ignore it if I want. 

It's his billing that offends me.

Famous Jew.

It rang all my bells.  It's a trope that sends chills up and down my spine.  That my former friend wasn't appalled showed me a hole in his experience that, by his 70th year or se he should have been able to fill in.

He blew me off when I pointed this out, calling me out for automatically discounting anything that's not on CNN. 

But CNN isn't posting Famous Jew headlines.  And my former friend is not posting anything anywhere that I am likely to see it ever again. 

I'm sure he doesn't get it.  At this point, I have no further interest in trying to explain it to him.


  1. I've been trying to figure out where the don't wear masks is coming from. Guess you have the answer. I've never gone to NewsMax; so had no clue what they were spewing out. My daughter (the one with the veterinary clinic) said they regularly get clients who resent their precautions and don't want to wear masks. I do watch some Fox but stick to The Five and Tucker Carlson (who I think is like Edward R. Murrow but from the conservative view). I can't stand Hannity and don't watch anybody after Carlson, when I watch him. But I hadn't seen anyone say masks aren't needed. The Five have socially separated to do their show instead of at a table. They do have one liberal but the other four are varying degrees of conservative. They are more humor than serious commentary.

    Often now I skip the news period as it annoys me. Yesterday after watching the tail end of the presser with he who shall not be named, I decided watching our DVD of Pride and Prejudice would be better than any other news-- it's the wonderful one with Colin Firth that takes too long to watch in one day for me. See the second half today.

    So, I had never heard of the guy you mentioned but he does sound like a jerk and maybe a lot of people are getting their news from NewsMax. Trump should worry about that as if that's the case, this may kill them off in higher numbers than those using better judgment for a pandemic that has yet to be defined.

    In one of the blogs I sometimes read, she'd gotten the troll who talks of how all the old should die off as they've taken everything from the young-- including now jobs. The ignorance there is that person may think only the old get it but the young do too and sometimes with catastrophic and long lasting results for their bodies.

    It's a bummer of a time with such contradictory information out there. But I believe err in the side of caution. Business does have to open. Can't remember if I said it here but we got a letter from our little town down here about their concern to keep funding fire and police after May is over if sales taxes don't increase. So, this isn't just about the worker in the private sector. But if they don't start up smart and they could, this will also get worse fast.

    Weird on NewsMax. I still can't get over what they gain by trying to get their people sick :(

    1. Glad to be of service!!
      Darwinian culling of the herd does seem to be the end result of the messaging from He Who Shall Not Be Named (love it!). I can't say I'm sorry about that. Does that make me a bad person? Yes. And I don't care.

  2. While I don't unfriend as much as unfollow, I have certainly done it for less of a reason than you just explained. There are some kinds of poison that you just don't want to allow into your home and head.

    1. Thank you.
      I've been dwelling on this .... I don't think I was overreacting.... it caught me in the gut and I"m used to relying on that feeling, but this was my first time and it is HARD.

  3. You did the right thing. As a matter of fact, I think you tolerated far longer than you should have, but I know, you are a kind soul.

    I cannot handle any of that nonsense and just recently got a friend request from a sweet little lady from church. We've served on committees together. We sit and chat at church (back when we met in a building). So, when she asked to be my friend during this shutdown, I clicked, and then I saw her page. Oh. My. God. I will not tell you what I saw but I immediately unfriended. I was so appalled that there was no way I could ever allow her posts to come across my page.

    Here is the thing, our lives do not need that kind of mean, chaotic thinking.

  4. I had to unfriend someone shortly after the 2016 election. I tried really hard to see his side and understand, but it got to be a broken record with no real conversation going on. I still feel bad about that and wonder how he's doing, but I'm not going to try to friend him again.

    I'm about to unfriend a newer "friend" who I don't know nearly as well. He also seems to have gone off the deep end into the conspiracy theories (though in a slightly different way than my other friend). I could handle it when it was "just" the 9/11 truther thing, but this covid-19 has put him completely over the edge. He doesn't seem to be talking about anything else and there is plenty else to talk about.

    I'm certainly open to hearing other viewpoints. I really want to understand why/how people can follow what's-his-name, but there has to be a real reason. I was told a few days ago that HRC's lies make DJT look like a saint in comparison. Really?! I don't know how to counter that. I've also got a few people pushing Plandemic on me, which is a whole bunch of bunk. If they're stupid enough to believe it, how can it be disproved? The reply I got was "Who is doing those studies - the establishment?" I asked "Where are the studies that show what these guys are saying is effective?" Grrrrrrrrr

    1. I don't worry about her lies as who cares now but it's Biden's that upset me that people don't care about his history of lying from way back to most recently even with the debate with Sanders. Do they never get that far up the political power structure without being liars? Do honest people get thrust out early and if so, why???

  5. Sometimes you just have to call it quits. Some words and phrases are just too heinous and have to be excised. I'm just appalled at the things people will say in blog comments and then claim not to be racist. They are racist, and if you're going to believe things like that, then own it.


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