Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Summer Camp - A Snippet

I learned to swim at day camp.

I learned about homesickness at sleep away camp.

Most of the silly songs my children learned were ones I discovered at summer camps.  Tying a lanyard (in both barrel and box stitch) and learning to eat soupy oatmeal, listening to Taps and sitting around a campfire - I can conjure those memories without any effort at all.

And so, when Little Cuter announced the creation of Mom Camp, I opened the floodgates and let it all back in.  I was 6 and I was 10 and I was 16 and I was doing fun stuff in the summertime.

It's been a wonderful day.


  1. It sounds great! I didn't get to go to camp, but I spent ten years as a Campfire Girls leader, so I know plenty of that stuff too. :-)

    1. Linda, my summer camp experience was as a Camp Fire Girl.


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