Thursday, May 14, 2020

Feeling Marginally Better

I Listened to the Supreme Court.  My faith in America was restored.  The arguments were reasoned, thoughtful, and Justice Thomas actually spoke.

There's no answer yet, so I can smile without adding disappointment to the equation.

There's also Judge Emmett Sullivan, who's opening up the criminal case to amicus briefs as he wonders if Flynn perjured himself.  In Judge Sullivan's courtroom, no less.

There's still no safe way for me to restart my life, and no one I talk to thinks there is, either.  I don't relish the thought of months without hugging Giblet.  Thanks to FaceTime, at 22 months,  he knows who we are, and no doubt thinks that Grampa and I are every bit as real as Elmo.  We all come into his life via screens.

Don't I wish I could reply to FlapJilly's plaintive I wish you could come over and visit with I'm buying a ticket right now?  I've been sad about that particular matter ever since she said it.... and that was early on, when I still harbored notions of a family reunion for her mid-summer birthday.

But, for the moment, I'm going to concentrate on two pieces of American jurisprudence which, for a while, didn't disappoint me.
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  1. That is a great photo to put a smile on one's face. Our granddaughter celebrated her 11th birthday on Wednesday. We too wish we could have been there, but we are staying safe and staying home. We awoke on Wednesday to learn that our son-in-law has tested positive for COVID-19, probably contracted while feeding the homeless in Redwood City. The whole family is now quarantined, so there's that. Fortunately, they all feel good at this time.

    1. Oh no! My favorite adage coming too true - no good deed goes unpunished!
      Your son-in-law is a good person, going out to serve others in these troubled times. Sending healthy healing vibes their way.

    2. Thank you. Today we await the news on the tests for our granddaughter and daughter. Living in the Bay Area, tests are pretty easy to come by, and the county wants as many tests as possible to count towards their ability to open up or not. Here in Fresno the tests are available in the wealthy parts of town.

    3. Sigh.... the barriers become clearer as the crisis goes on. I worry about my kiddos, though Tucson has been relatively disease free.


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