Thursday, May 21, 2020

Kindergarten Graduation

It's usually a 1 hour assembly, with group singing and dancing.
This afternoon, it was a 1 hour car parade, with signs
and balloons and horns and tutus. 
Not all the families had cars, so parts of the parade were on foot. 
The joy was palpable. 
It was bittersweet to see the teachers and staff from a distance.
The kids were either delighted or perturbed.

It was a valiant attempt to end the year on a happy note.
I left when Lilly ran up and hugged her teacher
who was standing a respectful more-than-6'-distance from me on my decorated stool.

I have promised my children to be extra vigilant.
I took my masked self back to my car, across the parking lot, and blew my paper horn in tribute to those who are being lauded by every other commercial, meme, and post - teachers.
I hope they stay safe.

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