Thursday, May 28, 2020

Summer is Here

It was too hot to enjoy my walk from the mailbox.  The sun is at that screeching into your eyes like the high pitched whine of a cranky toddler point .  The heat is bouncing off the pavement and scorching my shins. 

I bet you don't think much about your shins in the sunshine, do you? 

The yellow season is over.  The sweet acacia and the mesquite and then the palo verde have each shed their blossoms, in their own time, on their own schedule, unaware that their presence creates a pandemic situation for the pool filters, which bit the dust because their services were overwhelmed with the task presented. 

Skimming the pool is the equivalent of social distancing and wearing a mask.  The system was overwhelmed when steps were not taken; management of the spread protected the patient.  That is a good thing, since the temperatures are predicted to be over 100 for the next few days, precluding any other outdoor activity after 9 o'clock in the morning.

Masks are sweatier as the temperatures go up,  but the trio of sixty-somethings sharing conversation and drinks outside the bagel store last week smiled at my gaiter as I smiled at their bandanas and custom designed masks as I stopped by to pick up something fresh and new. 

More than 6' away, less than 15 minutes, everyone masked.... the store was as safe a space as exists these days.  Was I tempted to sit and enjoy a different view with my bagel and lox?  It was early and the morning breezes were drawing me into the chair before I stopped and considered and drove home to my own backyard where the air was just as sweet, and I knew all the germs in the area.

Summer is here.  In my backyard.  On my driveway. 

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