Thursday, January 31, 2019

Planting in Grandma's Garden

I decided it was past the last frost.  I'm sorry if you are living in the polar vortex ravaged rest of the USofA, but here in Tucson it was in the low 70's, with high clouds cutting the sunshine every once in a while.  It was planting weather, for sure.
There were red onions and yellow onion sets
 available to be settled into the beds.
There was a sprouted head of garlic from Grandma's kitchen that nestled in the middle of the parsley.
And then there were the strawberries.
Oh, the strawberries brought such joy to their faces.
They were gentle with the budding plants as I shook them free from their containers.
We looked at the roots curling around the pot-molded soil, then untangled them slowly and carefully.
Grandma was busy holding the plant so there are no pictures of the the root dislocation or the trowel sharing as the hole was dug.

There was the proper addition of the displaced soil,
and then the seating of the plant with firm tamping.
Aria found some parsley where nothing else was growing 
while others were busy picking and eating from the bed where it's growing like ground cover.
With six months of Garden Club under their belts, the scholars are competent, confident, and proud.


  1. That last picture could have been taken at Columbia. Those are the same faces as my kids!


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