Monday, January 14, 2019

Thoughts While Putting Away the Seasonal Decor

The sun can't make up its mind, and neither can I.

Ten years ago next weekend, my pixilated Obama T-shirt arrived just in time for his inauguration.

Today, I wonder if we've elected an agent of a foreign government to the Presidency.

Follow the money has never been more relevant than with this Presidency. Trump's inability to get American financing and the Russian Oligarchs need to launder their ill-gotten gains created a perfect storm, with Vladimir Putin holding the wind machine.  He's Russian, he's not impatient.  He's always understood Trump's bottomless ego, and of the opportunities it presented.

We're on tenterhooks, if the talking heads are to be believed.  We're Waiting for Mueller, and the conversation is like listening to Vladimir and Estragon.  We keep getting beaten, and we keep going back.  

So, I'm stuck.  Do I remember and revel in the sunshine and that once we did elect a good man to represent us well or do I stew about the fact that the buck no longer stops on the Resolute Desk?

Like the sun, I'm going back and forth.


  1. I'm with you. Why anyone should be shocked by the NYT's article is beyond me. Hillary said he was in Putin's pocket. I listened then and I believed her.

    What I don't understand is why nothing is being done about any of it. We need him out of the White House right now, before he does anymore damage to the US.

    My anxiety is through the roof right now and until I feel like we are safe as a nation, I think it's going to be like this for a while--at least for me.

    Sending hugs.

    Stacy xxx

  2. The idea that he's a Russian agent just seems ridiculous to me, but if someone gets all their news from leaning left sources (at the least), which most are, including some of Fox, i can see how they'd think that. But remember when Obama got caught on a mic, he thought was off, saying to tell Putin he could go easier on the nukes after the election, who took that to mean he was trying to betray his own country? I think this is particularly insane time; and if someone is feeling anxious-- less news is good. What good does it to right now to know any of it? Left or right.

    What has gotten me is the Dems taking a luxury retreat, with lobbyists on a private jet to Puerto Rico, while they get their pay and nearly a million others do not. They could at least pretend they care. How much coverage has their vacations, the fact that they quit work Thursdays and come back late on Monday, gotten? Congress determines its own rules for itself and that means not a lot of work days-- even in a shutdown. But taking a luxury trip with lobbyists seems like even the left would see that as pure hypocrisy...

    The law should be changed so that in any shutdown, the Congress and their staff get no salaries. They insulated themselves from these shutdowns. I still feel mad at the one that cost us our Yellowstone vacation in '13.

    If you read the right at all, the shock for them on the NYTimes article went to the fact that the FBI supposedly went after this because he fired Comey, when most of the left had said she would have if she'd gotten in. They apparently did it on no evidence but a pure desire to see the vote of the people overturned as it had been wrong. The truth was the FBI was already looking for something as evidenced by the Flynn meeting which led to his firing and being charged with lying, which he admitted to probably to avoid worse charges involving working for a foreign government with not registering-- and his son could've also faced charges.

    Where i vote for Hillary, I have a lot of concern over what i've seen these last years since-- not only her bitter temperament but the way our whole news seems oriented to the left and avoids stories that don't work the way they want. Then to see the FBI so biased... Although given Hoover, the Koresh compound, Randy Weaver's wife, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I am just worried. it's so easy to manipulate people through the media with a legal force who can go after whoever they want and let off whoever they want. I don't know how we got so screwed up.

    See what you did. Now you have me anxious but for other reasons...

  3. He's guilty. Firing Comey was obstruction of the Russia invesigation. McConnell is complicit; when Obama brought info on Russian interference in the 2016 election, McConnell refused to bring it forward to the nation. No record of any conversation between Trump and Putin exists. He's guilty, guilty, guilty; and McConnell should go to jail with him.
    Greg Sargent has an excellent piece in the WAPO today that sums it up better than I can.

  4. I know it's pointless to post on this but i just want to add that i could give readers here the opposite view as I read both. Most do not. I think most need a bubble to be comfortable and I don't fit in any bubbles-- either side.

    One thing to remember on Comey is he got fired not long after he'd done a hearing for Congress where he said he'd do again what he did regarding Hillary. In short, he said he was a loose cannon and most presidents would not like that. He still is, as is evidenced by how he proudly admits he leaked and how he set up to get his friend to do the investigation.

    So here we are with most who hate Trump not willing to read anything on the 'other' side. I usually end up not being able to post what I think due to the hate that quickly spreads to anyone who doesn't also see it as they do. I've given up most political blogs because most who write something like this, their commenters, are not open to another side even being possible by anyone who is not a bad person.

  5. Well, this is all fodder for another post.
    Read tomorrow for Ashleigh In Response Mode.
    Thanks for being so thoughtful, and taking the time to share.


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