Thursday, January 24, 2019

Modest Upgrades to Grandma's Garden

It was cold by Tucson standards, at 46 just twelve degrees warmer than Little Cuter's South Bend.  I decided to wait before planting more seeds; the packets recommend that the ground temperature be ..... and I spent an inordinate amount of time wondering how to measure the temperature of the ground.  Would a candy thermometer be better than an instant read thermometer?  Would a rectal probe feel most at home in the soil?  Could I stick my finger in the raised bed and guesstimate? 

 Luckily, the bell rang and the Garden Kids demanded my attention.
There were carrots to be watered,
 and scarecrows to be righted.
 There was deadheading
 and raking
and the clearing of small sticks.
There was an aloe vera to be planted with cactus soil,
 and another with amended potting soil.
They, of course, required watering
 being careful not to drench the soil.
There was a bug to be examined,
and a book about the garden to be read in the wheelbarrow.
Sometimes you just want to sit quietly.
Grandma's Garden is a good place for that.

It's also a good place to get restuffed,
 to acquire a face
to use natural materials
to lock Grandma in the garden,
to be proud of your work.
Drop by any Wednesday at lunchtime.
We'll be happy to show you around.


  1. Next time I'm visiting I want to photograph this, pleaseandthankyou


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