Thursday, January 10, 2019

Filling My Soul

It was cold and gloomy and looked like it was going to rain.
The marigolds reflected my mood - frozen on the tops, solid below.
I was trying to come out of yesterday's annual heartache, and those poor marigolds gave me the opportunity to do w hat I love most - wreak havoc in the garden, surrounded by kids who want to be there, too.  There is no amount of sorrow which cannot be assuaged by the presence of dozens of small and dirt covered fingers.

 We tried to deadhead the brown blossoms, leaving their stems behind.
Some of the stems were still green, filled with fluid, resilient, and resistant to the pinching action of tiny digits.  The blossoms themselves yielded with dignity and aplomb.  They were properly odiferous, which was noted with varying degrees of disgust.  They fell apart into nothing, absolutely nothing!!!! upon any kind of examination at all. 
The occasional healthier bloom got caught up in the general destruction.
Luckily,  we were able to repurpose them. 
We weeded

and found a carrot
which we ate with our scallions
which gave us our Super Power - !Extreme Bad Breath! -
 before the whistle blew, and my gardeners had all returned to their classrooms.

My heart was still aching, but it was cushioned by the love.....
and, obviously, protected by my Super Power.

Yes, I have a group of dedicated gardeners who are addicted to scallions.
There are worse problems in the world.


  1. It wouldn't surprise me that some of those spent flowers that fell apart put seeds into the soil which will sprout up again when things warm up. It's kind of an apt metaphor, don't you think?


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