Monday, January 28, 2019

I'm Stuck

There was something I wanted to say about Nancy Pelosi being described as an Italian Grandmother.

There was a cave/Plato/Trump/P.T.Barnum post rolling around in my head.

We watched The Princess and the Bell Hop, a movie that struck exactly the right note in what could have been awful in so many ways, and I tinkered with writing about respect and not rushing to judgment.

But Little Cuter took FlapJilly's pink tutu'ed self to her first dance class on Saturday and there are videos.  So many videos.  She's crawling like a bear, and like a crab, and prancing all the way across the room with pointy toes.  Her hair is in a bun and face is radiant.

I'm sorry.  I'm stuck.  I can't seem to do anything else.  I will try to think tomorrow.  Today, I'm going to revel in the wonder of a little girl who turned on the heater in the play room so she could practice her steps and watch her reflection in the glass.  And of her mommy who knew how much I'd enjoy seeing it.

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