Friday, January 4, 2019

Good Bye, Silver Sneakers

Much of TBG's bike class at LA Fitness was up in arms yesterday; their memberships were no longer valid under the old rules.  Money was to be exchanged, accounts were to be updated, and spleen was vented. As of January 1, 2019, the AARP recommended, Humana Medicare Supplement plan, the one that everyone gets, no longer covers Silver Sneakers in Arizona.

Somehow, Humana managed to alienate a cadre of voluble, venerable, athletic subscribers with the stroke of a pen. 

According to my very busy Medicare Consultant (who, once I manage to attract her attention, is delightful, competent, thoughtful, and snarky), Humana's actuaries didn't think that customers used the benefit, although she was at a loss as to how they came to that conclusion. My clients certainly use it.

Use it or lose it - Daddooooo said it to Nannie, I said it to G'ma, and AARP says it to me.

I've typed about the absurdity of eliminating a provision designed to cut costs by keeping us healthy before.  I typed about situating G'ma in the apartment with the furthest distance to cover between her bed and her dining room because all the medical personnel agreed on one thing - those who move, live. 

Without impediment, I could follow my yogi and visit my grandchildren and work out with friends. My insurance company and I were working together.  I would do the work, they would pay the bill.  I looked at it as a contract between me, my health, AARP, and Humana.  We all cared about keeping me around and intact for as long as possible.  We all agreed that sitting still was a bad idea. 

I reveled in the fact that, for once, every part of the program was on the same page.  And as I reveled, Humana decided to eliminate that benefit in Arizona. 

No more open access.  A discount where before there was no fee.  Something called Silver Fit which is less helpful and more annoying. 

Good Bye, Silver Sneakers.  I'm sad to see you go.


  1. Never heard of Silver Sneakers, but I do believe one needs to keep moving. As a matter of fact, I'm going to steal some of your lines and post them to my Facebook page. It's not so much for my older friends, but my younger ones who don't seem to be moving much and yet eating really bad foods.

    Fresno Unified is our addition to Medicare and they send out newsletters all the time about healthy living, both movement and nutrition. They offer exercise classes at different schools where staff and retirees can attend, free of charge, but I've not attended any.

    1. I think the key is to make it an assignment. Put it in the calendar. Schedule your life with exercise in mind. Classes work for me bc I need to know that others will notice that I'm gone 😀. Thanks for quoting me in FB... I was flattered!


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