Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Slacker? Not Really

Have you 12 regular readers, the ones who click through to The Burrow with your morning beverage in hand, noticed that I've been late, lately?  Have you wondered if my vaunted every weekday since April, 2009, at the same time every morning promise has gone by the wayside?  Do you worry about me?  Are you peeved? 

I would totally understand your frustrations.  When they changed the comics page in the paper, I was off my feed for a week.  When Doonesbury left, I cancelled the subscription and began reading Newsweek in the morning.  There's something to be said for a routine that starts your day. I get it.  I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to you, my most loyal fans.

It has not gone unnoticed.  It hasn't just happened, the way a day gets away from you and suddenly it's 7:30 and you still haven't even thought about what's for dinner.  There's a method to my madness (ah, would that there were!) in some weird, I'm-considering-it-as-an-option way.  I've made a few changes; The Burrow got caught in the ripples.

It's been a gentle, go-with-the-flow feeling.  I'm liking it.  A lot.

I decided that I was going to be on Summer Vacation.  I ended up visiting FlapJilly earlier and longer than I'd anticipated, and planning for the trip was confusing.  For me, confusing leads to stressful in a heartbeat; this time, I refused to be stressed.  Instead, I decided to act on the notion that had been floating in my head, though unspoken aloud - where had my summer vacation gone? 

I decided to take it, right then and there.  Smashed avocado toast and gazpacho, with a new spy novel on the side, sunshine to the left of me, a full refrigerator to the right, and there I was, on vacation at last.

I bought peaches and ate them, dripping juice down my chin and into the sink.  We had hot dogs (okay, I had Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage) for dinner, and didn't bother with salad.  I chopped up some onions (oh, how I miss my Vidalia's; sweet onions are good but not the same) and called it a day.  I put fresh strawberries atop the shortcake biscuits and whipped cream and macerated berries and the smell was transporting. 

It changed my behavior as well, and The Burrow being late is part of it.  Instead of forcing myself to sit at the desk and THINK, I'm reading in the sunshine.  I'm on vacation.  I'm waking up with enthusiasm instead of following a routine.  Not knowing how long I'd be gone, I cancelled everything in the month of July.  Coming back earlier than I expected gave me weeks of nothingness. 

It was heavenly.


  1. I've gone to once a week for my main blog with my painter friend taking one day also. Doing it only on Saturdays still has me sometimes unsure what to write. When I kept politics out of it, I started one just for politics lol and that works as I only write when I feel it. The bigger blog problem I have is a group one where I have to come up with something one day a month. That doesn't sound like a lot, but some months I am blank for a topic since it has to fit a topic.

    As for reading other blogs, I have very few and none I check every day. I have some, like yours, where I'll be sure and be there every week at least once to read whatever came earlier. I suspect a lot of blog readers have become less daily (I know there are exceptions) and more glad whenever something is new from blogs they enjoy.

    Taking breaks is important.

    For comments, I also opened mine up to anybody and do get occasional spam like the one on yours above here appears to be. I may have to go back to ID, but my artist friend had friends who wanted to comment and couldn't get an ID. It's too bad some misuse this system to bring in spam. So far, I've had one coming in a language I could not read and deleted it with a warning. If it's not in a language I know, it's gone ;). I had earlier gone to ID required due to so many coming in with only one desire-- put up links to who knew what. Too bad they ruin it for others as I have no idea if they ever get a hit off such a comment.

  2. Just checking to see if you are taking August off instead of just being late each day..... I need to know when to worry. :)

  3. I've been out of sorts myself. I'm barely on social media and my time is spend either doing training for Web development or looking for a job. I think it's good to take a break once in a while. Enjoy your time doing what you LOVE to do--even doing nothing is alright.

    Sending hugs!

    Stacy xxx


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