Monday, August 6, 2018

It's Nice To Be Loved

Thanks to those who worried about me, and thanks to those who encouraged me to take it easy on myself.  It's such a difficult life I lead..... feeling the need to take a break seems, at times, absurd.

But shaking things up is a good thing, I've discovered.

TBG has been after me for years to get back to a regular routine in the gym.  He's a firm believer in doing the basic exercises, with perfect form, on a routine basis.  I know (and knew) that he was right; I just wasn't ready to jump in with enthusiasm.  Over the past year or so I've been testing the waters, going on a semi-regular schedule, reacquainting my body with the weights. It's been a challenge, emotionally and physically.

I was always the strong one, always the one to lift the heavy bag of groceries, the one to push the wheelbarrow or lug the reinforced garden hose.  Up until the past month or two, I was struggling to move two ten pound dumbbells from the rack to the bench.  There were so many muscle groups involved, and so many parts to consider, and the consequences of failure were high - crushed toes and a crushed ego.

Just before I left to help usher Giblet into the world, I noticed a change.  I was returning the weights to the rack when I realized that I'd been working out with plates and bars and never once did I worry about dropping one.

I had no excuses left.  I eased into it slowly, using Silver Sneakers in Indiana while waiting for the baby, skipping only those days I spent with FlapJilly, and picked it up right away when I got home.  It hel;ped that no one knew I was here; I had cleared my schedule.  There was nothing to do but go to the gym.

And I did.  Back and Biceps... Chest and Triceps.... Legs and Glutes mixed into almost everythig.  I'm not overdoing it, but I'm pushing my limits.  I need muscle, so I'm doing heavier weights and fewer repetitions.  And I'm doing it consistently.

I added swimming laps, because aerobics are necessary and my hip is in no condition to take a jog or a long, quick hike.  In the water, I can use all the muscles without gravity getting in the way.  And, it's right outside my back door.  And it's 108 degrees out there and a girl can't sit inside forever.

I'm stretching and pulling and keeping myself level in all sorts of dimensions.  I'm not lost in the moment, yet, but I'm trying to get there.  I'm aware of my aches and pains,  I'm starting to believe one of the affirmations plastered on the gym's wall.  Pain is weakness leaving the body.

It must be true.  I hurt every day. I'm getting stronger every day.

Thanks for caring.

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  1. Glad to hear you are happy with your exercise schedule. I hate to exercise. The only thing about it that makes me happy is when I am done. Writing makes me much happier.


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