Friday, August 24, 2018

Cleaning Up

It's an honorable job, being the hostess in the cafeteria.
  1. The role requires assisting Josie and Jill, the Custodians, as they prepare the space for the
  2. next group of scholars. Some wipe.  Some work on the floor.
Have a great summery weekend, denizens. 
Even though school has started it's only August 24th, and that's still summer.
I know, because TBG and I were married 43 years ago today.
We had A Summer Wedding. 
I know this because my dress was in the Summer Bride issue.

We were just a year past the resignation of the last unindicted co-conspirator to sit in the Oval Office.
Where will be be next August, I wonder?
What contortions will we put ourselves through to clean up our grown-up mess?


  1. Happy Anniversary! You were 6 months behind us. That was an interesting summer, wasn't it? I remember sitting at work, listening to that news broadcast on the radio. Maybe we can hear similar news soon?

    1. A fabulous summer... We were involved, and led by a Congress with a spine.

  2. Happy Anniversary! August is a popular month - first after June I read once. We had our 66th the 15th of August, before going back to school!

    1. August worked for us between the bar exam and starting a job and and MBA program. 66 is a true triumph!!


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