Friday, August 17, 2018

Running an Errand for Little Cuter

A room full of people much littler than I, each one involved in something fascinating.  Engrossed, no one noticed the grey haired lady in the foyer.

I stood there, admiring the controlled chaos.  Girls in the block corner, boys with crayons, the teacher surrounded by upturned faces - I was in awe.

Maintaining your sanity for 8 hours of answering questions, resolving disputes, explaining the days of the week and the months of the year, teaching the alphabet and counting and manners - those few moments watching the teachers work their magic put a giant smile on my face.

One of the students noticed that I was there, and suddenly I was surrounded by small bodies, clamoring for my attention.  I had to be rescued by the teacher.

FlapJilly was surprised that I was there; she thought her Mommy would collect her.  I overcame the momentary sadness by suggesting an unscheduled stop.

Frozen yogurt will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Just a quick errand, picking the kid up from Pre-K........ forty minutes of pure bliss for Gramma.


  1. We love to pick up our grandkids from school. It is very chaotic and I love every minute of it. Our grandkids are always delighted to see us pick them up because they know it means a stop at a very special ice cream store.

    1. I do think that we were separated at birth, DKZ :-)


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